Why Radiant Star Dental is a great pick for your dental care?

Radiant Star Dental is a complete oral care and dental treatment facility. We offer a well-equipped medical environment and offer a painless cure and healing process to help you recover from various types of dental distress at an affordable cost.

We are a complete dental care facility for children and adults of all ages based in Jamaica. We are a child-friendly clinic ensuring your children’s safety and ease at all times in our clinic.

We assist our patients in achieving a healthy and attractive smile through preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We value our patients well-being, hence, we offer customised treatment plans to cater to their individual needs. You can schedule an appointment at our clinic through our website or visit our clinic at 88-20 169th Street, Corner of 89th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432.

dental care at rediant star dental

At Radiant Star Dental, you can look forward to following dental treatments:

1. Dental Exam and Prophylaxis: We recommend a dental exam every six months and discuss patient concerns, take x-rays, and create treatment plan necessary for the patient. We also perform full mouth cleaning along with oral hygiene instructions. Dental Prophylaxis is an excellent procedure to remove any plaque (bacteria) and calculus buildup. It also helps keep the gingiva (gums) healthy.

2. Restorations – Composite (white) fillings: In the event of a tooth decay or cavity, the decay is removed and filling is placed for preserving the tooth. We offer composite fillings which are aesthetically pleasing and match the tooth color. We also offer traditional silver tooth fillings called amalgam.

3. Crown: This is a tooth colored cap which is cemented on the tooth for restoration. This procedures requires two visits. In the first visit, the tooth is prepped, a shade is chosen to match the tooth color and finally an impression is taken which is sent to the lab. On the subsequent visit, the crown is cemented on the tooth.

4. Bridge: In case of missing teeth, a bridge is used. This comprises of many crowns which are joined together with support for the missing tooth replacement coming from the teeth in front and back of the missing teeth.

5. Crown Implant: Another option to help with missing teeth. An implant is essentially a screw placed in the area of the missing tooth. After a few months of healing, an implant crown is placed directly on the implant to help replicate a normal tooth.

6. Root Canal Treatment: This treatment helps in saving the tooth where the decay has reached the pulp (nerve). The decay is removed, the pulp is accessed and the pulp along with canals is cleaned. The canals are then filled in order to help heal the tooth and ultimately the tooth is restored, usually with a build up and a crown.

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