Why Brushing Your Teeth At Night Is More Important: Three Benefits

Our mouth consumes varied foods through out the day, and you need to clean to avoid cavity attracted due to such food consumption. I you brush your teeth every morning after getting up from sleep, but is it enough for your teeth.

No, merely brushing your teeth in every morning is not enough to prevent your teeth from cavity. As brushing your teeth at night before sleep is more important than morning. And here we will discuss about the importance of brushing teeth at night and why brushing teeth at night is more important.

Is It Important to Brush Your Teeth at Night?

Actually, during the entire day, the foods you eat leave certain particles and debris on your teeth that feed bacteria. And if if you do not brush your teeth before sleeping, you allow the plaque to grow and mature at faster speed overnight.

However, our saliva in mouth act as natural defense as it has anti-bacterial properties, neutralizes the acid level in your mouth that wases away food. But in sleep saliva production decrease at the night allowing plaque to generate bacteria attacking your tooth enamel. So, its necessary to remove them before sleep.

Actually, practice of such items allows your jaw muscles to get more used to clenching and encourage you to grind your teeth in sleep. And people who often enjoy chewing gums in their mouth should also avoid this kind of practice.


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Reduce the Build Up of Acid Level

Your mouth consistently build-up acid but saliva keep neutralize the acid with presence of calcium. However, during the night time, as the saliva production is low, the acid level increases allowing bacteria start eating your teeth.

But, brushing your teeth at night maintain the saliva level in mouth due to fluoride present your toothpaste which helps you teeth from getting damage.

Reduce the Growth of Bacteria

The most important, brushing teeth at night advantages is saliva reduces the bacteria growth in the mouth. So, keep brushing at night before going to bed to keep the secretion level of bacteria in your mouth intact at minimum level.

Bring Down Food Particles Decay

This is another one of the most important benefit of brushing your teeth at night is what I have also realized. Actually, when you eat high fiber foods, tiny particles stuck in your mouth. If it stay there overnight attracts bacteria causing cavity. So, its better brush your teeth properly at night and clean your teeth from cavity.

If you not brush your teeth regularly, you can face major problems in your later stage of life. And situation becomes critical, you have to visit at best dentist in Jamaica to get the more critical treatments like removing your tooth or if you want to prevent your tooth you have to go through root canal treatment which is not only expansive but also a time taking and complicated process, basically avoided buy everyone.