What are the Causes of Sensitive Teeth and Gums: 5 Reasons for a Sensitive Tooth

It could be challenging for you to eat cold, hot and sour foods or drinks, if you feel sensitivity in your teeth or gums. And in some of the critical situations you can even face sensitivity problem while breathing cold air and brushing or rinsing your mouth.

However, these kind of syndromes usually evident after age of forty or above and there are many curing techniques to fight with such problems. Below you can read the most common causes of sensitive teeth or gums and some useful measures to relieve from it.

Five Reason for Sensitive Teeth

Five Reason for Sensitive Teeth

Due to Age Factor

Sensitivity problem is very common after certain age and most of the people after their fourth or fifth decade of life face teething troubles. However, nowadays owing to many other environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyle changes, folks at young stage of life also facing teeth sensitivity problem.

Excessive or Hard Brushing


As per a senior Dentist in Jamaica, if you regularly use hard bristle brush for your teeth or do brush with excessive pressure, then your tooth enamel will be get wear down and also cause your gums to become sensitive towards cold or hot foods or beverages.

 Teeth Whitening Products

To remove the yellowness in teeth, people use cosmetics made dental care or teeth whitening products containing harmful ingredients like baking soda, peroxide which can affect tooth nerves and can easily cause sensitivity problem especially if your teeth dentin is already exposed.

Due to Gum Related Problems

If you have gum related problems, then you can feel the sensitivity in your teeth. Actually, gum problems can cause sensitivity problem in two ways – one it teeth decay and enamel breakdown which uncover the dentin and another is, infection that affects the teeth roots and cause gums disease.

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Due to Past Dental Treatments


Sometimes dental procedures like root canal treatment, filling, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, crown & bridges can also cause sensitivity problems. So if you have earlier gone through such dental care and treatment process and now feeling sensitivity, you need to again visit at the same dentist to get the treatment for teeth sensitivity.

All the above factors can be major causes of teeth sensitivity and if you are already facing it, then you can cure it with few preventive measures like – Brush gently & use of soft bristle brush, use tooth paste specially meant for sensitive teeth, and avoid excessive cold or hot and acidic foods like oranges, tomatoes & lemons.

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However, at the initial stage of teeth sensitivity you can control such problems but for serious illness visit at Radiant Star Dental care and consult the doctor for a complete medical treatment and cure. Here senior dentist Dr. Sumit Sehgal, will recommend you the best treatment for tooth stativity and if there is major problem it will be cured and treated professionally with right dental procedures.

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