What are the Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment can be no doubt one of the most effective ways to save your teeth from permanent damage. Although it is expensive if your teeth are at a severe stage of tooth cavity or infection, you should opt to save your teeth.

Apart from a costly dental treatment procedure, there are many disadvantages of root canal treatment. If you don’t want to get the root canal treatment, there are other root canal treatment alternatives to cure your teeth.

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Natural Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment

Eat antimicrobial foods: At home, if you don’t have any medicine available you can consume foods having antimicrobial and antibacterial properties like clove, basil, oranges, garlic and coconut oil to control the bacteria in your root canal.

Tooth Extraction: If your teeth are on the verge of damage and you don’t want to go with root canal treatment, removing the teeth is the best option. Though, tooth extraction is a more painful procedure but for the short period.

Removing the teeth one-time process, but you will lose your tooth permanently. And you need to keep precautions while eating food or drink various types of beverages. Later you can get an artificial tooth that can be implanted with help of dental bridges.

Root Canal Treatment Options

Similarly, there are other alternatives compare to root canal treatment to cure or treat your teeth. Below we have discussed root canal treatment alternatives with dental procedures performed while curing your teeth.

Pulp Capping: If your two or more teeth are damaged and needs a root canal you can go with dental bridges that are also called pulp capping. In this dental procedure, a sealant is used to close the entrance of the pulp. Though, it is not always successful but less expansive and painful compare to root canal treatment.

Liquid Root Canal Therapy: The latest dental procedure that can be used instead of root canal treatment to cure your infected teeth. In this process, instead of using any instruments, a liquid is used to clean the tubules and root of the tooth. This process takes less time in treatment as well as healing compare to root canal.

Dental Bridges: Before performing the dental bridge, you have to get move your affected tooth and replace the same with a dental bridge. Dental bridges are implanted with three teeth to give support the middle one and become a bridge for the other two.

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Dental Implant: While on the other hand, a dental implant crown provides a similar alternative in which a screw placed in the area of the missing tooth. The dental implant is the replacement of the teeth but the implant is the replacement for a tooth. However, implants could be another best alternative to root canal treatment.

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