What are Dental Caries: Causes, Symptoms & Dental Caries Treatment

Teeth caries is the results of erosion in your teeth's surface that are basically caused due to bacteria attack causing acid and plaque. Dental caries is common in all genders as well as all age groups of people. Though, at the initial stage, it is not painful but when its effect reaches the nerves or roots of your tooth you will face the actual problem.

Dental caries is also well-known as dental cavities and with the time being becomes more painful with serious teeth condition, especially if not treated timely or completely ignored. In dental caries, the tooth starts to breakdown due to acids made by bacteria. And the reason behind this caries is acid from bacteria dissolving the hard tissues of the teeth like enamel, dentin and cementum making it painful for you.

Signs and Symptoms of Dental Caries

Dental caries, you can say is the process of deteriorating your teeth and you notice the symptoms when can see a hole in your teeth, feeling pain while chewing the food, often toothache and feel sensitivity in your teeth while consuming the cold or hot food or beverages.

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In various situations, dental caries can be worse, where you need immediate medical assistance to cure the dental problems. If you are living in New Work, you can visit the dental clinic in Jamaica Queens for the right treatment to cure the dental cries and prevent the teeth from permanent damage.

These are kind of initial indications, which mean your tooth is under the attack of dental caries. And you need to take the right action now to control its further spread and prevent your teeth from permanent damage. Before you get to know the prevention of dental caries, you should know the causes or what are the reasons causing the dental cavities.

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Causes of Dental Caries

Dental caries is mainly caused by the bacteria and damaging substances released by these bacteria like acid that erode your teeth. When you eat food, normal bacteria in your mouth combine with food leftovers and when acid comes into contact with these remnants, it creates a sticky film which also known as plaque.

Causes of Dental Caries

But you can control plaque, and to remove the plaque you need to use the flossing and keep brushing regularly two times (in the morning and at the night before sleeping). When such plaque accumulates for a long time it becomes a harder substance called tartar.

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And the accumulation of plaque and tartar with bacteria and acid attack can damage the enamel on your tooth that causes holes in the enamel that is known as dental caries or cavities. Dental caries usually starts with small and narrow holes, if ignored it comes deeper and reaches the roots of your teeth which leads to permanent damage of the teeth.

How to Prevent Dental Caries? 


To prevent dental caries, you need to maintain oral hygiene and avoid the activities causing the cavities. To prevent, you can avoid eating food or drinking various beverages in your daily life. And you need to be careful after eating such foods or drinking the beverages. Below you can also read a few tips to keep cavities under control.

Dental Caries Prevention Tips:

  • Limit Consuming Sugary or Starchy Items.
  • Brush Your Twice (In the morning & night).
  • Rinse Your Mouth after Consuming Foods.
  • Flossing of Teeth & Use Fluoride to Rinse.
  • Use Fluoride Toothpaste for Brushing.
  • Avoid Chewing Tobacco and Smoking.
  • Visit Regularly at Dentist for Check-ups & Cleanings.

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Best Treatments for Dental Caries


Depending on the cavities level and teeth condition, dentist in Jamaica performs the right treatment to cure dental caries. Dentists here usually perform dental procedures like fillings and crowns to cure the teeth affected due to caries.

Fluoride/Dental Fillings & Crowns


At the initial stage, the dentist recommends fluoride treatments that contain more fluoride than the amount found in tap water, toothpaste and mouth rinses. Composite Fillings and crowns are performed when decay has progressed beyond the earliest stage and weakened your tooth that helps to fill the holed area and cover your tooth with a natural crown.

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Root Canals & Tooth Extractions  


While in extreme conditions, the best dentists in New York used to perform root canal treatments (RCT) or extract the teeth from your mouth. RCT is usually recommended for the patients who want to keep their natural teeth and can afford this treatment, as root canal treatment is quite expansive and having other disadvantages.

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Extracting the tooth is the last resort you can opt for if your tooth is permanently damaged. Dentists remove the tooth from the roots and also recommend dental implants to install the artificial teeth at the same place that you can use for chewing food. Removing teeth is very much less expensive but implanting new teeth is also a pricey and time taking process that you can choose as your wish.

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You will be recommended here the best treatment for teeth cries as per your teeth condition and your affordability. Radiant Star Dental is equipped with world-class medical amenities and treatment facilities to cure all types of dental problems in a hygienic environment. It is also following all the rules and norms to ensure the safety against COVID-19 infection and make sure all the patients can get the best treatment safely.

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