Is Root Canal Treatment Safe?

Oral health issues are very common nowadays and taking those issues lightly is always a big mistake because they cause pain, discomfort, and usually cost a lot to treat. In order to curb those health issues, one needs a quality dentist and having a family dentist may be the best decision you could make for your whole family.

Oral health is highly important as it reduces the chances of infections, heart disease, and even cancer. There are several oral issues pertaining around the globe but the most common is a root canal.

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure that deep cleans your teeth from the inside to get rid of infections that could spread and damage the whole tooth. when the nerve is infected, this treatment helps to retain the tooth rather than having to extract it. Hence, it will keep several oral problems at bay.

What Happens During A Root Canal?

A root canal treatment requires at least 2-3 visits. In the first visit, the doctor will examine the extent of the infection with a help of an X-ray and discuss treatment plans. And if the root canal is advised then the process will take another two visits.

Although, the procedures can be different according to your situation and the doctor.

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How it is done:

  1. In this treatment, Anaesthesia is used in a particular area.
  2. Doctor will use a rubber dam so that your month will remain saliva free and dry.
  3. Drilling will be done to create access through the tooth.
  4. Bacteria, decay and debris will be removed through the hole.
  5. The area will then be cleaned or be flushed to ensure it is cleaned.
  6. The sides of the root canals are scraped and antibiotics or medication may be given directly to the site to clear any signs of infection.
  7.  X-rays are also taken during the procedure.

Depending on the extent of damage and how long this has taken, your dentist may stop during the procedure and fill the access hole with a temporary filling as it will block the hole to get contaminated and in the next sitting the doctor will start the process from where he left.

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Need A Root Canal


When the pulp and nerve of a tooth become infected then there will be a need for a root canal treatment. This infection can be caused due to a variety of reasons like:

  1. Face trauma
  2. Chipped or cracked teeth
  3. Large fillings
  4. Extensive procedures on the same tooth
  5. Extensive tooth decay

Where to get best treatment?


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