How To Stop Grinding Teeth While Sleeping At Night: Treatment Tips

Grinding of teeth is kind of jaw or mouth disorder scientifically known as “Bruxism”. If you are also clenching your teeth during sleep you can adopt discussed below best five remedies to control this habit and reduce the side-effects of teeth grinding.


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Stop Chewing Non-Food Items

If you have habit of chewing the non-food items like pens, pencils or grinding of other articles unnecessarily you need to control this bad habit.

Actually, practice of such items allows your jaw muscles to get more used to clenching and encourage you to grind your teeth in sleep. And people who often enjoy chewing gums in their mouth should also avoid this kind of practice.

Avoid Stress and Depression in Life

Stressful lifestyle and anxiety is the leading cause of teeth grinding. So, you need to control your stress and anxiety to reduce the depression level. Stress already causes various other health problems like sleeping disorder and acid reflux.

To reduce stress, you can avoid over thinking of anything, mainly negative things and about problems in your life. If you need medical help, you can go with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or do the yoga and mediation daily.

Use Mouth Guards in Sleep at Night

The best and most effective way to stop teeth grinding at night is use mouth guards or splints while sleeping at the nights. These guards create a kind of physical barrier between your upper an lower jaw teeth protecting from wear off.

It also helps to protect your jaw from strain and not create any kind of noise. Though, custom-made mouth gaurds are expensive but it would be a good option if you can afford but make sure but the soft plastic made for comfort use.

Do Jaw Exercise and Relax Mouth Muscles

Relaxing your jaw muscles and do the tongue exercise will help you to keep your jaw in the right alignment. Actually, a slack jaw allows the whole area to rest and relax, minimizing any risk and further complications down the line.

To exercise your jaw, open your mouth wide open while touching your tongue with your front teeth. And you can also try say letter “N” loudly that will keep your top and bottom teeth from touching and help you avoid clenching problem.

Use Biofeedback and Others Help in Sleep

If you are married or sharing the room with any other partner or room mate sharing bed with you can help you hearing you grinding at night. Just share your this problem with your partner and tell him to nudge you when you make such noise.

And if you are sleeping alone you can try Biofeedback therapy that has been designed to to help people become aware of and eliminate such unusual activities.

In this technique therapist will teach you how to control your jaw muscle movements through visual, vibratory, or auditory feedback generated from electromyography. It can be used to get the short-term benefit and relief from teeth grinding.

Use Biofeedback and Others Help in Sleep

So, if natural remedies not works you need to get right treatment by visiting at nearest dentist in Jamaica to cure such problems. Dentist will suggest you non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to get relief from pain or swelling around your jaw caused by grinding. But never forget to relax your jaw muscles before going to sleep.

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