How to Make Your Teeth Stronger: Dental Tips for Healthy Teeth

A tooth is an important part of your body, you need to keep it strong and healthy to avoid various diseases and enjoy the chewing for longer days in your life. Actually, weak teeth not only become victim of easily breakable but also attract bacteria that can damage your teeth due to cavity eating the enamel of your teeth causing pain.

So, keeping teeth healthy is important for its longer performance. And keeping the teeth strong and safe is possible with notorious food and right habits that are explained below. These healthy teeth tips will also help you to keep your health maintained through healthy eating with healthy teeth that allows you to chew foods properly.

Avoid Grinding Your Teeth

This is kind of bad habit among many people who grind their upper and lower teeth together, especially at night. And due to such habits your teeth over time it can wear down the enamel and weaken your teeth structure. Hence to avoid impact of grinding habit you can use custom-fitted mouth guard that can protect your teeth.

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Reduce Intake of Extra Sugary Foods

Bacteria in teeth mainly attracted due to sugary foods and drinks. Actually, it increases the acid level in mouth that softens and wears away your enamel. Hence, avoid sweet candies and cold drinks or beverages having extra sweets or containing with carbonated flavors to keep your teeth healthy.

More Water to Drink and Rinse Mouth


Water should be the most preferred beverage you should regularly use to drink and clean your mouth. Water is not only a sugar-free beverage but also helps remove harmful substances from the body keeping your entire body healthy.

Reasons for Sensitive Teeth

While on the other hand, rinsing your mouth out with water also help to reduce demineralization when you don’t get chance to clean your mouth with toothbrush. And it would be effective and helpful when you eat an acidic or sugary food.

Brush with Right Technique & Timing


Bruising the teeth at the night before going to bed is more important than in the morning. As most of the bacteria and cavity is develop when you are sleep mode and activity in your mouth slowdowns and salvia production stops.

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Actually, saliva in your mouth controls bad bacteria and minimize their actions that create cavity in your teeth causing pain and if not treated can permanently damage your teeth. But make sure don’t over brush or do hardly.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste for Brushing


Normal tooth paste will make tooth stronger except cleaning your mouth. So to make your teeth stronger you need to use the fluoride toothpaste approved from certified dental associations that are also good for sensitive teeth.

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Fluoride based toothpaste also prevents tooth decay and can also strengthen your teeth, making them less susceptible to future mineral loss.

Increase Your Calcium and Vitamins Intake


Apart from taking preventive measures to keep your teeth strong and healthy, you also need to add more nutritious foods in your diet to make your teeth strong. And calcium is the best source to make teeth stronger naturally.

However, calcium is produced within the teeth naturally but important mineral is stripped by acids and bacteria over time. So, add calcium-rich food in your diet like dairy products, beans, lentils, Soy Beans, Sea foods almonds and spinach.

Visit at Dentist for Regular Checkups


To ensure your teeth are healthy you need to visits at nearest dentist in Jamaica at regular intervals for dental examination and checkups.

Dentist can spot cavities, or tooth grinding or other damages, and if there are such symptom she can suggest you right amount of fluoride to harden and protect enamel. If water supply in your mouth is not fluoridated you need to use the fluoride supplements, mouthwashes, or coatings for your teeth to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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