How to Fill Gap Between The Teeth: Six Dental Treatment Procedures

The tooth symmetrically aligned offers you a great face to smile happily with more confidence. But if there is any gap between your teeth can you imagine how awkward it looks like. Yes, I’m talking about the extraordinary space between your teeth mainly in front teeth that are easily visible when you open your mouth or bring a smile on your face.

Such kinds of dental disorders can bring down your confidence, especially when you are gossiping publically and open your mouth making you embarrass in front of your friends. But no worries, don’t let a little gap keep you feeling down about yourself. There are various ways to fill the teeth gap and start appearing more confident.

Yes, a dentist in Jamaica queens recommends the various teeth gap treatment to fill such space naturally and make you feel free to smile without any hesitation. There are some natural ways to fill such gaps but not effective or not long-lasting. Hence, we brought here some best and cost-effective treatments to fix the gap in teeth problems.

Best Treatment Procedures for Teeth Gap

Treatment Procedures for Teeth Gap

#1 Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the most successful ways to fill such gaps between teeth. In this process, a tooth-colored resin is applied to your tooth and later hardened using a special light to make it look natural.

After filling the gap, your tooth will look normal and the material used in dental bonding is stain resistant to some extent, but not like crowns. The best advantage of dental bonding is that it doesn’t require multiple visits to the dentist, you can get the treatment at one visit.

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#2 Invisalign Braces

Invisalign is a kind of braces that helps to close the gap between your teeth. Though small gaps can be fixed using bonding and veneers, Invisalign helps to reduce the gaps permanently. Invisalign braces are clear aligner helps in correcting the teeth without revealing its presence.

This is process is quite expansive compare to other traditional braces but works best in closing the gaps between your teeth and also helps in straightening crooked teeth.

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#3 Veneers


Using the dental veneers process is also effective in filling the space between teeth. Porcelain veneers can be used to fill the bigger gaps with the option to use the cosmetic dentistry, as more modifications to teeth are possible in this process. Porcelain veneers are much stronger than composite veneers for areas where bite loads need to be considered.

While on the other hand, composite veneers can be also used to fill the gap between the teeth is small to average size (1-3mm). Compare to porcelain veneers, composite veneers is less expansive and require minimal tooth preparation.

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#4 Retainers


Though, retainers for teeth are more often used to align to teeth but it is also very much effective in reducing the gap between teeth. If your teeth got a gap due to shifting in the teeth it could be the best solution to fill the gaps. And now thanks to AI in Healthcare, such gaps between teeth can be visualized by the automated software to know how it can be filled with more precision and accuracy.

The best part of using retainers for teeth gap treatment is it is least cost-effective but takes a long time to compare to other methods. And maybe in near future, you might need to wear retainers occasionally foreseeable future to ensure that the space between teeth does not start again.

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#5 Implants


Implants are another dental procedure to fill the gaps between the teeth. If gaps are too big, then dental implants are the best option to replace the missing teeth. Dental implants are used to replace the teeth that are missing and paired with dental crowns, bridges, and dentures.

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Dental implants can be either removable or fixed teeth matching with your natural teeth. And during the procedure, an artificial enamel tooth is inserted into your gum or bone. And a highly skilled dentist in Jamaica can perform this dental procedure safely.

#6 Orthodontic Treatment


As per the condition of the gap between your teeth, the dentist may suggest Orthodontic treatment to fill such gaps. And this treatment process is usually used when closing one large gap between teeth is likely to create other gaps in your mouth.

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In such situations, braces are used to fit into your teeth to align the teeth in a precise manner. However, braces are mainly used to align the teeth when they are not in symmetrical order. Though, orthodontic treatment takes longer to complete than dental bonding or the fitting of veneers, but also effective in reducing the gaps between the teeth.

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