How to Cure an Abscess Tooth Pain: Dental Abscess Treatments & Remedies

Tooth pain may have many causes, but if tooth persistently pulsate and keeps make you feel discomfort due to extreme pain especially at nights, means it is something more than common toothache. Actually, it could be abscessed tooth, a kind of infection within a tooth that has spread to the root tip or around the root generating the pain.

What is an Abscess Tooth?

Such kind of infection creates from the inner chamber of the tooth which is known as the “pulp chamber and containing within the pulp chamber are blood vessels and nerves, collectively called the “pulp.”


Abscess Tooth


Hence, before the development of an abscess, the tooth already lost its ability to fight off infection, and bacteria are able to attack the pulp chamber and start increasing to spread further in your mouth.

As the bacteria multiplies, the infection also spread further from the pulp chamber and exits through the bottom of the root into the bone. So, “the abscess is a collection of pus that is made up of dead white blood cells, tissue debris, and bacteria causing a pain in your mouth”.

Why Do Abscesses Form?

Actually, depending on your mouth condition and source of the original infection tooth abscess differs from a gum abscess. The tooth abscess which is also known as periapical abscess starts from the pulp of the tooth and exits out the tooth’s apex at the bottom of the root creating the infection.


Abscesses Form


While on the other hand, a gum abscess that is also called or “periodontal abscess” starts in a gum pocket outside of the tooth next to the root from gum disease. So, right here we brought best medical treatments for tooth abscess infection performed by the dentists mostly.

Best Treatment for Abscess Tooth Infection


female mouth during oral checkup


Prescribe the Antibiotics Medicine


To cure the tooth abscess infection dentist prescribe the antibiotic medicine that will not only treat the bacterial infection but also give you an instant relief from such pain and agony. However,if the infection is limited to the abscessed area, you may not need antibiotics it can be cured with other remedies.

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But if the infection has spread to nearby teeth, or to your jaw and other areas, your dentist will definitely prescribe antibiotics to stop it from spreading further. Dentist may also recommend you the suitable antibiotics if you have a weakened immune system to prevent such infections.

Out cropor Chop the Abscess from Mouth


The dentist recommends mostly this process and while performing this, dentist will make a small cut into the abscess, allowing the pus to drain out, and then wash the area with salt water (saline). Usually, a small rubber drain is placed to keep the area open for drainage while the swelling decreases giving you a relief from pain.

Performing the Root Canal Treatment


If you don’t want to lose your precious tooth you can go with root canal treatment that will treat the abscess and prevent your teeth from permanent loss. Root canal treatment will not only remove the infection and but also save your tooth from any kind of other diseases or dental problems.

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And to do this, your dentist performs a critical treatment and drills down into your tooth to remove the diseased central tissue which is called pulp and drains the abscess. And after this dentist fills and seals the tooth’s pulp chamber and root canals. Though, it has its own side-effects and drawbacks.

And after few days of root canal treatment if you wish your tooth may be capped with a crown to make it stronger, especially if it is a back or molar tooth. Capping the teeth provides an extra layer of protection and your tooth can last a lifelong allowing you to enjoy the trouble-free chewing.

Go with Extraction of Affected Tooth


If your tooth is badly damaged, you can ask the dentist to extract the tooth permanently from your mouth. As it can also affect the other nearby teeth and infect them for further infection causing similar diseases.

Tooth extraction is best option to get rid of tooth pain and it also prevents mouth from developing any similar infection to nearby tooth that can be easily affected due to spread of bacteria and infection. So, you can visit at your nearest dentist in Jamaica NY and get the right treatment for abscess teeth.