How do Oral Surgeons differ from General Dentist?

Oral and maxillo-facial surgeons are dental professionals who are trained in surgical procedures of the mouth, jaw and face. These surgeons are experts not just in dental care, but on other complicated surgical interventions as well. They have expertise in treating several oral and facial conditions.

These surgeons also play an indispensable role in tackling complex dental problems which are beyond the scope of a general dentist. Right from wisdom tooth extraction to corrective jaw surgery, oral surgeons can do a broad range of procedures necessary for optimizing oral health.

How do Oral Surgeons differ from General Dentist?

Now, let’s cast our glance at the advantages and disadvantages of consulting an oral surgeon.


1. Expertise: Oral surgeons possess advanced knowledge and skills to cater to complicated oral and facial procedures for ensuring comprehensive and efficient treatment.

2. Technology: Oral surgeons utilize state-of-the-art surgical techniques and tools for delivering best results and at the same time ensuring patient’s comfort and safety.

3. Integrated Care: Oral surgeons collaborate with other dental and medical professionals to offer integrated care to patients who need surgical interventions.

4. Customized Treatment: Every patient gets customized treatment designed to cater to their individual healthcare requirements for ensuring best results.


1. Cost: Certain oral surgeries may be costly with varying coverage under dental insurance.

2. Time to Recovery: Some procedures require a recovery period in which patients might experience uneasiness or short-term variance in oral function.

There are four specialized dental procedures which oral surgeons perform. Please refer to them below.

1. Wisdom Tooth Extraction: This procedure is commonly performed for extracting impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth or third molars grow in odd angles resulting in the area under the gum line getting impacted leading to pain, infection and damage to the teeth around it. Oral surgeons use their skills to safely remove the problem teeth to alleviate discomfort and prevent further complications.

2. Dental Implant Surgery: Dental implants are an effective solution when it comes to replacing missing teeth. It involves embedding of artificial tooth roots in the jawbone for supporting prosthetic teeth. Since oral surgeons are experts and have knowledge of surgical techniques, it makes them an ideal choice for performing this intricate procedure.

3. Corrective Jaw Surgery: This is also known as orthognathic surgery. It involves repositioning of the jaw to improve functionality, facial aesthetics, and overall oral health. It can also have transformative effects for people with severe jaw discrepancies.

4. Oral Pathology Treatment: Oral surgeons are experts in diagnosing and treating many oral pathologies like cysts, tumors, etc. within the oral cavity. This expertise helps them in performing biopsies, removing lesions, and conducting reconstructive procedures for restoring oral health in pathology cases.

So, in summary, oral surgeons have expertise which makes them indispensable in addressing a broad range of oral and facial conditions requiring surgical intervention. Right from wisdom tooth extraction to intricate jaw surgeries, they play an invaluable role in the promotion of optimum dental health.

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