Five Useful Facts and Myths about Teeth Cavities

There are many people globally suffer with various types of dental problems, but most common is tooth cavity which also known as tooth decay. It is the process of dental caries making a hole inside the tooth which become bigger and deeper if not cured timely with the help of a dentist nearby your city.

But many who people don’t know about the cavity and its actual causes, live with several myths about this dental problem which becomes unsafe to deal with it if not cured timely with the right treatments. So, right here we brought myths about cavities with facts to make it clear what is right or not.


myths and facts about cavities

Main Causes of Cavity or Teeth Decay

The main cause of cavity in your teeth is bacteria that produces acid which eats the outmost layers of teeth called enamel. And these bacteria are triggered to generate acid on constant basis especially when you consume certain types of foods and beverages containing sugar or glucose.

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However, it can be easily cured by an experienced dentist but if you ignore, it will become major dental problem for you. As cavities can permanently damage your teeth resulting lots of pain and discomfort.

Cavities Mostly Arises between the Teeth

A bacteria can hide anywhere between or inside the teeth where floss or toothbrush can’t reach easily allowing decay process to be continued for longer days. The back side of your front teeth is the best place for decay where most of the people not put efforts to brush or floss.

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And sometimes a gap between two teeth mainly amid molar teeth allows a space for decay. To clean such areas or avoid teeth decay you can clean your mouth using fluoride or medicated mouth cleaners on frequent basis.

Teeth Sensitivity Causes because of Teeth Cavity

When you face sensation in your teeth it means you have decay or cavity. After cavity for many years it touch the roots of teeth which results in sensitivity problems while consuming extreme hot or cold beverages.

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And at this stage, you also need to consult with nearest dentist in your city which will apply root canal treatment process as per the conditions of teeth to give right medical treatment.

Root Canal is the Last Curable Option to Control Cavities

Longer time cavities causes complete damage of teeth, and it can be cured by dental clinic in Jamaica, using root canal treatment process as per the criticalness. The process is effective for any kind of damage caused by other reasons like, cracks, fractures, clenching and grinding etc.

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It involves several steps which take times for the treatment but protects teeth from further decay or cavity. Root canal treatment is a very complicated and expansive dental treatment having many disadvantages.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Cavities in Children

Few people think that, kid’s teeth are at growing stage, hence they don’t have chances of cavity into their teeth. But the fact is baby’s teeth hold the space for permanent teeth. If cavities are left untreated in baby teeth, they can develop into serious pain and abscesses.

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Occasionally the infection can spread to other areas of the body, and in rare occasions can even result in death. Hence, take care of your child’s teeth to avoid cavities that can develop at later stage of life and create dental problems.

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