Dry Socket Treatment Services in Jamaica, NY

No matter how hard a dentist tries, there are occasions when a problematic tooth simply cannot be saved and must be extracted. The tooth is pulled out by the dentist, there is some little discomfort and a small gap where our tooth used to be, and all we have to do now is wait for the area to recover.

When a tooth is extracted, a blood clot forms around the hole in your gums where the teeth formerly were to protect the area from infection. When this does not occur, the extraction site is referred to as a “dry socket.”

The best method to tell whether it’s the case is to look at the area where the tooth used to be and see if a blood clot has developed. There’s a probability it’s a dry socket if you can see a hole (and the jaw bone) in the socket.

Dry sockets may be excruciatingly painful, and if left untreated, they can lead to a variety of unpleasant side effects.

The discomfort associated with a dry socket may not usually appear immediately. The onset of discomfort might take many days. The discomfort usually begins mildly and progresses with time. Other times, the pain may strike suddenly and be terrible, in which case you should seek quick treatment from an emergency dentist.

What are the Symptoms of Dry Socket?

Even with all of modern medicine and breakthroughs in dental science, the precise reason for dry sockets remains unknown.

Dry socket, according to experts, is more frequent in persons who:

  1. Cigarettes are smoked.
  2. Tobacco chewing
  3. Use birth control tablets to prevent pregnancy.
  4. It’s also thought that persons who don’t take care of their teeth are more prone to get dry sockets.

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How to Get Rid of a Dry Socket

You’ll be relieved to learn that dry socket is only a transient ailment when appropriately treated.

Get Rid Of A Dry Socket

While the blood clot may not have developed immediately after the tooth was extracted, it will with correct care form over time. A dry socket, unlike bleeding gums, does not always leave obvious blood evidence.

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First, your dentist will clean the dry socket thoroughly to remove any food or other small particles that may have become lodged there.

After that, your dentist will most likely cover the socket with a protective gauze or medicinal gel (dressing) to protect it from outside influences. You’ll be given guidelines on what you can and can’t do while the dry socket heals.

If you’re in a lot of pain, you’ll probably be able to get some relief from over-the-counter medications. If you have a serious dry socket, your dentist will give you advice on how to manage it and even replace the dressing.

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