Dental X-ray during Pregnancy: Is it safe?

Dental X-rays are a significant part of every dentist’s treatment as it helps them identify issues like cavities in a patient’s mouth. X-rays are generally considered to be harmful as it radiate radiations. However, when the need be, the doctor proscribes it to their patient. There are times when a patient is advised to avoid or delay their dental x-rays. One such scenario when patient’s often become concerned and start contemplating about conducting dental x-rays is during pregnancy. In this article, we will talk about are dental x-rays safe during pregnancy or will it have negative implications on the patient.

What exactly happens during Dental X-rays?

It is natural for world-be-mother’s to think about radiation exposure that could harm their baby. However, the best aspect about dental x-rays is only the mouth of the baby remains in focus. Also, the intensity of the radiation is extremely minimal and the fetus is not at all exposed to it. The American Dental Association (ADA) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), after conducting thorough research have concluded that dental X-Rays are safe for both the would-be-mother and their child.

Points to Ponder Over

Having said that, there are certain things that every would-be-mother as dental patients should bear in mind. Let’s delve deeper and understand the concept and procedure of dental x-rays. This would alleviate the concerns sauntering around the patient’s mind.

Firstly, a dentist will only ask for an x-ray when the focus point is not visible with the naked eye. X-rays are beneficial as it helps catch and treat problems that otherwise might cause greater health issues like pain, infection, and discomfort.

There are varied types of dental X-Rays which for diverse conditions like evaluate orthodontic issues, identify cavities between teeth, and monitor progress of restorations like root canals.

• Bite-win X-rays are the most common type of dental x-rays. The patient is given a tab to bite and the print of the teeth is captured. The tab will showcase both the top and bottom teeth.

• Periapical X-Rays are generally utilized for anterior and posterior teeth. This technique allows dentists to focus on one tooth at a time. An ultimate image with complete picture of the biting surface till the tip of the root along with the surrounding bone is captured for analysis and treatment. This x-ray os beneficial during root canals and monitoring endodontic treatments.

• Occlusal X-Rays capture an image of either the floor of the mouth or the palate – fondly known as roof of the mouth. The complete skeletal anatomy along with full teeth and jaw is visible for analysis and treatment. This is used in cases of jaw issues or masses such as tumors.

• Panoramic X-Rays, as the name suggest, the image of the complete mouth is captured. The images captured are taken from outside the mouth and not inside. This is helpful when the entire teeth required treatment like in case of braces or to identify wisdom teeth.

Use of AI in Dentistry

Artificial Intelligence has found its usage across industries and sectors and the medical industry is no exception. AI in Medical industry has found application in almost all departments like cardiology, ophthalmology, CT coronary angiogram scans, pathology, dermatology, and radiology to name a few. Upgraded imaging methods have now been incorporated into dentistry to ensure heightened efficiency and reliable treatment.

Dental X-Rays during Pregnancy

Dental X-ray


Science and technology has significantly progressed and it continues to without any bottlenecks. X-Rays during pregnancy is safe. If you are a would-be-mother and facing some tooth pain or any treatment is due, then going for x-ray is harmless.

• Go for clinics where the x-ray machine is being operated by experienced and qualified professionals.

• The machines used should be in running conditions, if not new or advanced. Digital x-ray images reduces the radiation amount by 80% than traditional methods.

• Safety measures like protective aprons and using shourt exposure time and low level of radiation should be in practice.

No matter how trivial the matter is, it is important to keep a check on medical conditions to ensure the baby is healthy. The pregnancy term is for long 9 month and it is natural for human beings to face medical adversity during this period. The health of the would-be-mother has directly impacts the baby. Hence, if you have sensitive teeth or a troubling cavity or any other health problem, then it is prudent to visit the doctor. If you are on the lookout for a reliable dental care specialist in New York, you shall contact Radiant Star Dental.