Best Dental Services in Jamaica Offered by Radiant Star Dental

Radiant Star Dental is one of the best Dentistry in Jamaica, NY, America providing the world-class oral care and dental treatment at reasonable charges. All types of oral problems and teeth related diseases and health issues are cured here in a hygienic environment to make sure every treatment process stay trouble-free.

A well-qualified and experienced dentist are working here to cure gums and teeth related various types of diseases discussed below. You will find Dentist in Jamaica Queens here using the advance medical equipment and X-ray machines to perform the oral surgery for all age group of people including children.  

Different Types Of Dental Procedures Offered by Radiant Star Dental

Dental Exam in Jamaica

As per the doctors and medical experts, every person should visit dentist for dental examination in every six months. The dentist will check your gums and teeth, if there is any maladies growing inside you will get the right treatment prevent the teeth and gums.

You will also get here mouth cleaning along with oral hygiene instructions to avoid such problems in future again. We use Prophylaxis to any plaque (bacteria) and calculus buildup that will also keep your gums healthy and disease-free. 

Restorations for Composite Fillings

If your tooth is decaying, a cavity is growing you need to visit the dentist to remove the decay and perform the filling process to prevent the tooth decay. Radiant Star Dental is providing the composite filling in a pleasing manner matching tooth color. We are also providing the amalgam which is also know as silver fillings in a traditional manner.  

Implant Crown and Bridges

When you teeth is getting decayed at larger scale you need get immediate filling to avoid further decay. And if filling is not the solution implanting the crown is the next best option we recommend to such patients.  

Crown is the process of restoring the damaged tooth by capping with a similar color cemented on the tooth. And if the tooth is missing screw based implant crown placed directly on the implant to help replicate a normal tooth.

And if the teeth is missing, then bridge is a another replacement option in which a composed several crowns joined together with support for the missing tooth replacement bridging the front and back of the missing teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

The teeth decay problem reached at pulp (nerve) level needs extraordinary treatment called root canal treatment. Actually, an active infection is present with symptoms or tooth are badly injured and showing such symptoms can be cured with root canal.

In the Root canal treatment process, the decay is removed and pulp with canals are cleaned. After cleaning the pulp, canals are filled into the teeth to restore and built with crown to keep the teeth protected from any further damage.  

Dentist in Jamaica

Tooth Extractions and Dentures

Radiant star dental is one the best dental services in Jamaica also providing tooth extractions and dentures services to pull out tooth and fix the complete dental plate containing the structure of teeth.    

When teeth is not condition to cure or treat medically, you need to get it out from mouth to avoid pain and serious maladies. Here, we perform simple and surgical extractions process with dentures fixation facility if you have removed all your teeth. We can provide you various dentures designed to fit into your mouth with accurate fitting. 

If you are looking for reliable and affordable dentists in Jamaica Queens you can visit at Radiant Star Dental or book online appointment with general dentist Dr. Sumit Sehgal who will provide you best treatment with immediate action to cure the any type of dental problem and oral gum related issues in your mouth.  

Scaling and Root Planing

Deep cleaning, scaling and root planing is the process of removing calculus and debris residing below the gingiva or gums on the root surface of the teeth. Teeth affected with periodontal with deep pockets can be cured with scaling and root planning that also helps to remove the bacteria for reducing the inflammation and prevent from bone loss. 

Chairside and Veneers

Chairside veneers are a great alternative to crowns or porcelain veneers used to fill gap between anterior dentition or a large chip for misaligned or off colored teeth. And we are doing this within your budget completed in few visits using strong and esthetically leasing composite for restoring your teeth for perfect smile.

Pediatric Dentist in Jamaica Queens

We not only care adults but also provide the oral care and dental treatment services to children to make their smile trouble-free. We are one of the most preferred pediatric dentist in Jamaica providing basic care and teeth sealants services to prevent the teeth of kids from early cavities and fluoride help them to keep their teeth strong.