All About Tooth Extraction. Is It Painful?

Tooth extraction is all about surgical techniques. It is a process in which dentists/surgeons carefully extract the diseased or injured teeth from the mouth. If done correctly with proper anesthesia, atraumatic techniques, and standard procedures, the extraction can lead to a drastic improvement in the oral health and wellbeing of the patient.

When we typically talk about the overall procedure, it barely takes around 20 to 30 minutes. In the first place, the local dentist will inject anesthesia in the target area to start the procedure. The level of ache that the patient may face depends upon the type of teeth the patient wants to operate on.

Before we get into the specific procedure on how the dentist performs the successful extraction, we would like to inform you about when you should go for the extraction.

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Tooth extraction is a complex procedure and the slightest mistake by the dentist can steer you to major lifetime complications. The possible complications include root fragments with persistent infection and considerable pain, jaw fractures, changes in occlusion, which leads to trauma to sensitive tissues in and around the mouth, etc.

types of tooth extraction

Below are some pointers on when the patient needs a tooth extraction

  1. Irreparable teeth because of dental decay.
  2. If there is any pre-existing infection.
  3. If there is any periodontal disease.
  4. Overcrowding in the mouth.
  5. When the patient has involved in a severe accident or injury.

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Types Of Extractions

There are two possible ways of extractions.

1. Simple Extraction

In a simple extraction, the standard procedure starts when the dentist gives local anesthesia. After that, the dentist will use an elevator. It is an effective tool that will help in loosening the tooth in the gum. At that moment, with the help of forceps, the dentist will extract the infected tooth from the gum.

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2. Surgical Extraction


In this method, the surgeon performs an incision. After typically giving the anesthesia, the surgeon will perform an incision through the gum. If in rare cases, the bone is obstructing the access to tooth’s origin, the surgeon will eliminate the hindrance. After this, the surgeon will extract the tooth.

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In this method, healing might take 2-3 days and the patient may be stiffness moving the jaw due to mouth opening for a longer time during the extraction process.

Pain During The Process

With advancements in innovative technologies and medicines, the pain during the extraction process is rare. But the patient may typically experience a little pain after the numbness. It is because the effect of anesthesia fades away. But to get rid of this, the surgeon will recommend you take some painkillers.

Apart from this, several other factors have to be done correctly by the surgeon.

  1. Correct amount of anesthesia injected.
  2. Using good & sharp instruments.
  3. Exact position and anatomy of the roots monitored through X-rays.
  4. Forces of the extraction forceps used correctly.
  5. Following post-extraction procedures.

Dos and Don’t After Treatment


There are several do’s and dont’s after successfully operating the procedure. Some of them are:

Bite down gently on the operated place.

Avoid hard, spicy, and hot temperature foods for the next 48 hours. If the same condition persists then, you might have to perform the same thing for a longer period.

Avoid gargling, disturbing the extraction socket with your tongue or finger.

Avoid consuming the beverage with a straw, for the next 48 hours at least.

Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol. This additionally includes vaping, hookah, etc.

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